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Meetings and Professional Development

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          Elementary Cohort Mentors and Co-Facilitators                        STEM STAT Team


OCDE SSEL and STEAM Hub Meeting Information

2019-2020 SSEL & STEAM Hub Calendar

Save the Date: May 21, 2020 for our Orange County Expanded Learning Celebration! 

Administrators Meetings  

Expanded Learning Program Administrator Meetings
Targeted Audience: Program Directors, Administrators, and Grant Managers
Upcoming Meeting 

Site Coordinators and Program Staff Meetings

Elementary Cohort Meetings
Targeted Audience: Elementary Site Coordinators and Frontline Staff
Upcoming Meeting 

Middle School Cohort Meetings
Targeted Audience: Middle School Site Coordinators and Leads
Upcoming Meeting 

High School (ASSETs) Cohort Meetings
Targeted Audience: High School Site Coordinators and Leads
Upcoming Meeting 

STEAM Hub Communities of Practice Meetings
Targeted Audience: Middle Management, Site Coordinators and Frontline Staff
Upcoming Meeting 

Professional Development Opportunities   
Expanded Learning Summit at the STEM Factory
Targeted Audience: ASES and 21st CCLC Grantees: Administrators, Grant Managers, Program Directors, Site Coordinators and Frontline Staff
Next Summit is TBD

STEAM & Literacy Series
Targeted Audience: Expanded Learning Program Staff 
To come in the 2020/2021 Program Year

For Other Professional Development Opportunities - Check Out the Calendar Above

Looking for Other Ways to Connect?  

Peer-to-Peer Site Visits
For information contact Suzanne Hill 

Cohort Co-Facilitator Interest
For information contact Suzanne Hill