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OC Census Virtual Visual and Performing Arts Showcase


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ Census Virtual VAPA Showcase.jpg
​Because the pandemic has limited Census canvassing, many Orange County residents have yet to be counted. Census funding supports schools, healthcare, transportation and emergency services, as well as, distributes the number of government representatives throughout the United States. Through the Making My​ Community Count: OC Census Virtual Visual and Performing Arts Showcase, students learn about the importance of the Census and activate communities to participate in Census 2020 through social media.

We would like to Congratulate the winners of the 2020 Making My Community Count: OC Census Virtual Visual and Performing Arts Showcase:

  • Rachel Lee (Garden Grove Unified School District)
  • Elyana Ortiz (Anaheim Elementary School District)
  • Tea Takayama (Garden Grove Unified School District)
  • Felipe Tellez (Ocean View School District)
  • Zachary Tran (Garden Grove St. Columban School)
  • Jocelyn Yu (Garden Grove Unified School District)

​To view the 2020 Making My Community Count: OC Census Virtual Visual and Performing Arts Showcase Ceremony, please click here​.

​​Student Artwork

Kate Guerrero
​​​​A2R_1kHvprJuG69vwsU_• We all count •.png
​Charlene Nguyen
Jocelyn Yu
A6 - R_3fcsNls0FeF8HdS_83946C43-6351-4CFC-976A-5324AAAE9CBF.png
​Kelly Tran​
A8 - R_12EEO6Timj0McI5_B11B0E2A-1A32-4869-ABBF-D0FF318D9C22.png 

Derek Cerda
A9 - R_82JojgiVb2QJB8l_79696CE2-78CA-4CA3-9E5A-460A2033A9C2.jpeg
​Rachel Lee​​

Valeria Delgado
A11 - R_OpbftbGRposvjYl_426F2773-D22F-4EBB-8BD7-326D6A074922.png
Eric Burmaster

Joseph Oh​
A1 - R_qJf7fGa2LbMUD0R_스크린샷 2020-06-02 오후 5.20.10.png
​Keaton Safu
B1 - 123456.jpg
​Kyla Jackson
B2  -          R_1imsx27zovNWfjq_3F16405F-4302-4AEB-8DF5-5413B34A1800.png
​Meena Cho

Shannon Nguyen
B4             - R_1NaZbEuiiQPNF1s_Census2020.png
Melanie Alba
B5 - R_2V2YJ1hJMGgkLk7_inbound2032297575429849295.jpg
Kim Wymer
B6 - R_2CxKmJo9vtUENsO_DC9EFB44-1ABC-44E6-90C1-91D432617947.png
Felipe Tellez

​Tea Takayama
B8 - R_10pf0OCNeFFWpgl_7A76C115-95FC-4449-9821-71AF0E55F250.png
Jessica Ha
B9 - R_r3e3sLvt5QS0RVL_AD4B753D-EF85-4F76-B562-AA8ECCC6391C.png
Katie Moore​
​Elyana Ortiz
C1 - R_1jJNNCnbqNtYcMU_Screenshot_20200602-165401_Instagram.jpg 

​Trisha Alcaraz
C2 - R_2afASkAUrtffh6B.jpeg 

Jayden Gutierrez​

​​Chenumi ​Mapatunage
C6 - R_2EdiCUnjULm0ueS_1589830069378-20086708-3cb0-4d7d-a695-03853d044f21.jpg
​Rosalie Ventura
C7 - R_3gXinYJLuUmcHUw_EE91E4DE-18A0-4203-8281-034E8241E207 - Tiks Adventures (1).jpg
Zachary Tran
(GG - St. Columban School)​

​​Kimberly Kamau

​Sophia Franco
C10 - R_oXIRPwnApQQ3aut_20200521_184342.jpg
Benjamin Gillett​
D8 - R_2QtBQhxiuW2IEHx_consus.jpg

​Klara Jones
C3 - R_2xK2YB3fK2ySGxz_Census.jpg
Oskar Castro
C5 - R_2duqSXauPUPhg86.jpg

​​Gavin Orozco
Gavin Orozco.jpg

Showcase Guidelines

  • ​​Learn about Census 2020. Below is information to help you write a social media post to activate people to participate.
  • Create media, for example, artwork, video, or a graphic to share with your community about Census 2020. Please limit videos to four minutes.
  • Your post should answer the question, How does the #2020census help my community?
  • Please post content on social media using the following hashtags: #2020census #OCstudents​count
    • ​​Deadline to submit artwork to social media and for judging is Wednesday, June 3, 2020. Post to your social media account or your guardian's social media as soon as possible and then​ submit to the Online Submission Form​. Be ready to explain your post in less than 100 words.

Who Can Participate?​​​​​

  • ​Any student who attends a public, private, charter or home school in Orange County can submit their post via social media and the Online Submission Form​.
  • If you are under 13, please ask your legal guardian to post via social media and help you with the Online Submission Form​.


  • ​All participants, students and teachers, will receive a certificate of participation and an Orange County Counts popsocket​​.
  • ​The first three teachers with at least ten student entries will receive a gift card to purchase $500 worth of materials for their classroom.
  • ​The top three student entries will receive a Chromebook and their work may be used in Orange County's census materials and community campaigns.​

Census Content
Post is about the #2020census.
Post is a call to participate in the #2020census.
​Post answers the question, How does the #2020census help my community?
​Post clearly answers the question, How does the #2020census help my community? And is a call to participate.
​Census Audience
​Entry may not speak to the #2020census directly.
​Entry speaks to the #2020census in general.
​Entry speaks to the ways that a group benefits from the #2020census.
​​Entry directly speaks to the ways that a specific group or community beneifts from the #2020census.
Message and Clarity
​Visual and/or audio elements are about the #2020census.
​Visual and/or audio elements support your message about the #2020census.
​Visual and/or audio elements support and enhance your message about the #2020census.
​​Visual and/or audio elements effectively support and enhance your message about the #2020census.
​Content, grammar and spelling have errors that may detract from the overall message.
​Content, grammar and spelling have minimal errors that do not detract from the overall message.
Content, grammar and spelling is accurate.​​Content, grammar and spelling is accurate and clear.

Read all showcase rules and guidelines here​​ and the permission slip here​ prior to participation. 

Please click on the submit button Submission-Button (1).png

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