After deciphering the theme for 2020...

​After deciphering the theme for 2020, students will select a topic for their research.  The topic should be narrow and researchable.  Selecting a topic such as WWII is far too large.  Instead, you should choose an aspect of WWII, for example, FDR’s involvement, focusing on Breaking Barriers in History.

NHD also offers a list of topic possibilities as part of its annual theme book.  For more information, check out the theme sheet, and the theme book.

Need ideas for a topic?

National History Day-California has posted topic possibilities based on California History-Social Standards in Grades 4 –12.  NHD-CA Topic Page.

The National Archives posts lists of topic possibilities connected to its repositories across the U.S. Follow this link to the National Archives History Day Resources Page to see what topics they recommend! 

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