BCLAD University Courses

The Bilingual Cross-cultural Language and Academic Development (BCLAD) authorizes the holder to:
 (1) teach ELD and content classes using SDAIE strategies and
 (2) provide primary language instruction.
 CLAD/CTEL classes are pre-requisites.
The BCLAD Program consists of 3 classes in preparation for the 3 tests of the BCLAD exam:
BCLAD 4: 10 hours - Methodology for Primary Language Instruction
BCLAD 5: 20 hours - Culture of Emphasis
BCLAD 6: High levels of language proficiency - Language of Emphasis
Language classes: Designated at 3 levels composed of two 45-hour sections:
Beginning (Level A and Level B); Intermediate (Level C and Level D); Advanced: (Level E and Level F- includes exam preparation)
Teachers must apply for BCLAD certificate within seven (7) years of passing one exam.