EL Authorizations

The Orange County Department of Education is an authorized provider of coursework to meet state requirements for working with English learners.
The CTEL (California Teachers of English Learners) test, is an exam that demonstrates educators have received the necessary information that assures school districts that professionals are prepared to meet the needs of English language learners​.  This includes recent teaching techniques, cultural knowledge, and language proficiency assessment strategies to help teachers learn about their English language learners, their families, their communities, their language and culture.

The BCLAD authorizes the holder to (1) teach ELD and content classes using SDAIE strategies and (2) provide primary language instruction. Like CTEL, CSET-LOTE is the exam that authorizes credentialed teachers with the BCLAD in lieu of university coursework. Teachers must have passed the CTEL exam or have a CLAD certification as a prerequisite to either CSET-LOTE or BCLAD coursework.

SB 1292

For individuals who hold Designated Subjects Vocational, Career Technical Education, Special Subjects, or Service Credentials with a Special Class Authorization, Senate Bill 1292 provides a path for EL Authorization. Individuals must complete 45 hours of coursework in addition to passing a final examination in order to meet the requirements for the certificate of completion of staff development.