Honors and Distinctions

Biliteracy Pathway Awards

The Humanities Unit has established Pathways to Biliteracy Awards for Pre-School to 8th Grade students, recognizing benchmarks towards bilingualism and biliteracy.  This distinctive recognition affirms positive attitudes towards bilingualism, biliteracy, and cross-cultural understanding.  All Orange County districts and charter schools are eligible to apply. In order to receive the Biliteracy Award, a Student Demonstration of Skills form must be completed and submitted for each student. P-5th grade students will receive ribbons and 8th grade students will receive medals. The following awards and designations represent the pathway to bilingualism and biliteracy:

• Pursuit of Bilingualism Award for students completing Pre-School or Transitional Kindergarten
• Bilingual Pathway Award for students completing Kindergarten
• Pursuit of Biliteracy Award for students completing 3rd Grade
• Bilteracy Pathway Award for students completing Elementary School (5th/6th Grade)
• Biliteracy Attainment Award for students completing 8th Grade

Annual Language Learner Celebration

The Humanities Unit proudly hosts its annual Language Learner Celebration which recognizes individuals from districts, charter schools, and learning centers across Orange County who have improved the educational opportunities and outcomes for English learners/emergent bilinguals. This elegant and educational event honors teachers, parents, administrators, board members, and/or support staff and promotes bilingualism and biliteracy as an educational asset.

Orange County Multilingual Awards of Distinction

This prestigious award recognizes interpreters, translators, community liaisons, clerks, secretaries, instructional assistants, family advocates, and all other bilingual paraprofessionals who are employed by an Orange County school district and have made significant contributions toward connecting cultures by providing effective interpretation and/or translation services. Districts may only nominate one individual.

Two outstanding individuals among all nominees will be selected to receive the  Interpretation and Translation Award of Distinction which will be presented at the Interpreters and Translators Conference every year at the Orange County Department of Education.

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