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Title III Technical Assistance & Customized Support

Technical Assistance 2014-2015

December 15, 2014 Title III Regional Technical Assistance Workshop


Technical Assistance 2012-2013

2012-2013 ELSSA Toolkit


November 8, 2012 Title III Regional Technical Assistance Workshop

September 19, 2012 Technical Assistance Workshop

Technical Assistance 2011-2012

OCDE's Title III Technical Assistance session on October 6, 2011:


OCDE's Title III informational session on August 15, 2011 

OCDE provides technical assistance to Orange County school districts that are in Title III. Specifically, OCDE supports districts in analyzing data and developing the Improvement Plan Addendum as well as the Action Plan. OCDE is also responsible for monitoring these plans, which includes site visits throughout the year.
Customized Support includes but is not limited to classroom visitations; data collection, analysis, and interpretation; professional development surrounding processes to engage staff in data conversations and to build consensus; professional development surrounding research-based best practices for ELs; team teaching and collaboration; and trainings offered to all Orange County districts and schools: Long-Term English Learners: Pathways to Repair and Secondary School Leadership for English Learner Success
For details regarding current offerings and/or to build customized support around your district's needs, contact Cristina Blevins, Services for English Learners; 714-966-4159.