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University Coursework for EL Authorization

Teachers must take three courses to meet  EL Authorization requirements if they do not want to take the CTEL exam in lieu of coursework. This same content is covered in the CTEL preparation for the online exam. These courses include:


The teachers' appreciation and knowledge of cultural diversity of the language minority students (CTEL 3) and Latino Culture (BCLAD 5) is increased through participation in this class. Lecture, group discussion, and other instructional strategies make culture meaningful for teachers.


Teachers are taught approaches and techniques which are successful in enhancing the instruction of language minority students. The training includes strategies in theory and application of literacy development, ELD, linguistics, cooperative learning, integrated curriculum, and SDAIE (CTEL 1 and 2) and Bilingual Methodology (BCLAD 4).


The teachers are taught Spanish through the "Natural Approach" for Second Language Learners. This approach is communicative-based and makes learning very comprehensible and non-threatening. The classes are taught at their appropriate level of proficiency, from beginning to advanced.


Contact local universities for information on courses they offer to meet these requirements.