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Customized Professional Development

​​​​​​​​​We offer Customized Professional Development...

Our team specializes in offering CA Standards based instruction, training and coaching, and intervention strategies so that every element of school works collectively to improve student achievement. All workshops feature a range of transformative research-based strategies that enable teachers to deliver best first instruction.

Elementary Professional Learning Customized to Support:

  • CA ELA/ELD Framework - Introduction, Integrated vs. Designated ELD Instruction, ELA/ELD Materials Adoption Support
  • Content Knowledge - Engaging in Informational Text, Research, and Wide Reading
  • Effective Expression - Speaking and Listening Protocols, Writing, Language Conventions, Tech Integration
  • Foundationa Skills - Print Concepts, Phonological Awareness, Phonics and Word Recognition, Fluency, DIBELS Next Essentials Training
  • Language Development - Academic Vocabulary, Complex Grammatical Structures, Read Alouds, Language Rich Environment
  • Making Meaning - Close Reading, Research Based Comprehension Strategies, Wide Reading
  • Literacy Workstations - Management, Appropriate Expectations
  • SBAC Digital Library - Introduction, Literacy Resources
  • Understanding SBAC ELA Performance Tasks
  • Literacy Coaching

Secondary Professional Learning Customized to Support:

  • Academic Language - Development and Support
  • CA ELA/ELD Framework - Introduction, Integrated and Interdisciplinary Approach, Integrated and Designated ELD Instruction
  • Complex Text Support
  • ELA/ELD Instructional Materials - Adoption and Implementation

For more information, please contact Karin Foster at 714.966.4120 or​