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California Healthy Kids Survey and CalSCHLS

​​The California School Climate, Health and Learning Surveys (CalSCHLS), developed and administered by WestEd, are tools supported by the California Department of Education to help districts meet Local Control Accountability Plan priorities to improve school climate, pupil engagement, parent involvement, and academic achievement.

CalSCHLS is a family of three survey instruments:

​The California Healthy Kids Survey (CHKS)​ is the largest statewide student survey of resiliency, protective factors, risk behaviors, and school climate in the nation.

The California School Staff Survey (CSSS) provides a means to confidentially obtain staff perceptions about learning and teaching conditions. 

The California School Parent Survey (CSPS) is designed to provide teachers, administrators, and other school staff with information directly from parents. 

The CHKS provides insights into the relationship between students' health behaviors and academic performance. It is frequently cited by policymakers and the media as a critical component of school improvement efforts to help guide the development of more effective health, prevention, and youth development programs.

These surveys can be easily customized to meet local needs, interests, and standards with the addition of supplemental modules and custom questions.