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Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Prevention

​​ Teen Students
Stephan Lambert
Prevention Coordinator
Carlos Zelaya
Program Support Assistant
We are here to help you nurture healthy and successful students through collaboration, training and support. Our goal is to provide opportunities for schools, communities, and families to work together to develop and implement comprehensive programs to prevent alcohol, tobacco and other drug use among youth.

We provide free technical assistance and support to school districts and charter schools in the following areas:

  • Planning, Implementing and Evaluating Prevention and Intervention Programs
  • Tobacco-Use Prevention Education
  • Tobacco-Free Policy Development
  • Youth-Led Tobacco Prevention Projects
  • Family and Community Engagement
  • California Healthy Kids Survey Data

We also provide free training and workshops for educators and parents regarding:

  • E-Cigarettes and Vaping Prevention
  • Marijuana and Medicine Abuse Prevention
  • Positive Youth Development
  • Developmental Asset Building
  • Brief Intervention Strategy for Substance-Using Adolescents

Stephan Lambert, the Orange County Department of Education's Prevention Coordinator, has an extensive background working in prevention and positive youth development programs, and currently serves as chair of the Orange County Substance Abuse Prevention Network (OCSAPN).