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Evaluation, Assessment, and Data Center

​​​To contact EADC: (714) 966-4108

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EADC  Function:

The Evaluation, Assessment, and Data Center (EADC) supports the Orange County Department of Education in meeting its mission by providing vigorously researched analyses and evaluations of programs and policies conducted by the department, our districts, and our community partners. We provide a systematic and objective analysis of a program, service, or policy's various components using the principals of scientific research methods. We produce quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods reports ranging from basic counts and tabulations to predictive models estimating policy and program effects. 


EADC Vision Statement:

Educational communities will make informed decisions using high-quality data and best practices to ensure student college and career readiness and success.

EADC Mission Statement:

The mission of the OCDE Evaluation, Assessment & Data Center is to support schools and programs in preparing students for college and career readiness and success by providing research, evaluation, assessment, and analysis that drives data-supported decision making.