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Grant Support

‚ÄčThe need for evaluation of grant projects has increased over the years, as federal, state, and non-profit funders have become more sophisticated and focused on results. Evaluation serves two purposes for your organization and your funder. First, it monitors the success of your project. Second, it provides information for improving your project and overall program.

EADC can support your organization from your initial grant application to final evaluation report. We offer a systematic and objective analysis of your program or service's various components using the latest scientific research methods. 

Grant Evaluation Services

  • Consultation (first 2 hours free).
  • Evaluation narrative for grant applications.
  • Needs assessment and customized evaluation design.
  • Logic model and SMART goal development. 
  • Develop online and scannable paper surveys, tests, interviews, focus groups, and case studies. 
  • Provide descriptive and/or inferential statistical data analyses and visualizations. 
  • Detailed reports to funders and stakeholders.