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LCAP Evaluation Support

​​It is an OCDE goal that districts will engage parents, staff, and community members to gather input to develop LCAPs that address the needs of all students. 

EADC can collect data from parents, community members, staff and students using online and paper-based surveys, interviews and small focus groups to assist school districts in developing their LCAP.

LCAP Evaluation Services

  • Survey item development in alignment with LCAP goals.

  • Customized online and scannable paper surveys for staff, parents, students, and stakeholders.

  • Certified survey translation into multiple languages (Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Farsi, etc.).

  • Focus group facilitation (1 hour per focus group).

  • Summary report of (quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed-methods) findings.

  • Custom summary reports by site, language, grade, etc.

  • All your data returned to you in a flat file (.xlsx, .csv, .dta, .sav, etc.).