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Harvest of the Month

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Welcome to Harvest of the Month!

The 2021 Harvest of the Month program features 8 lessons highlighting California grown, seasonal fruits and vegetables. These fun and engaging lessons are aimed at students in Grades 4-6 and were designed​ for virtual or in-person classes. Each month students will explore the history of each fruit or vegetable, how they are grown, and why they are good for our body. Students will also learn about a different health topic each month. Join us on this tasty journey!​​​

January​ - Broccoli (Google Slides) /January-Broccoli.pptx

February - Sweet Potatoes​ (Google Slides) /February-Sweet Potato.pptx

March - Avocados​ (Google Slides) /March-Avocado.pptx

April - Spinach (Google Slides) /April-Spinach.pptx

May - Blueberries​ (Google Slides) /May-Blueberries .pptx

June - Zucchini​ (Google Slides) /June-Zucchini.pptx

July - Peaches (Google Slides) /July-Peaches .pptx

August - Corn (Google Slides) /August-Corn .pptx

Educator Newsletters​ 

Family Newsletters - English​

Family Newsletters - Spanish​

If you have any questions about the program, please contact Nadia Moya