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Unannounced Site Review Procedures

Education Code Section 1240(c)(2)(H)(iii) requires that 25% of Williams Settlement Legislation site reviews be unannounced. The Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) anticipates that all districts with decile 1-3 schools will have at least one unannounced site visit during the visitation cycle. These visits are not posted on the site review schedule sent to districts.
For decile 1-3 schools, textbook and instructional material reviews will be conducted within the first four weeks of instruction and facility reviews will be conducted between August - September.
  1. Upon arrival at the school site, the OCDE Williams site reviewer will check in with school office staff and place a call to the district superintendent's office to announce the visit.

  2. ‚ÄčThe reviewer will confirm with the principal or their designee the purpose and process of the visit and request access to the school site.

  3. At the conclusion of the site review, the reviewer will meet with the principal or designee to provide an overall review of the site visit.