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Program Evaluation

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EADC supports educational programs by designing and implementing goal-driven, culturally-responsive process and outcome/impact evaluations. Working closely with our program partners and with the use of a logic model, we tailor our evaluations to each program.  Our comprehensive evaluations incorporate both process and outcome objectives and quantitative and qualitative data. 

Evaluations are:

  • Planned, intentional, purposeful 

  • Grounded in a set of goals, objectives/key questions, and desired results

  • A team effort to gather information or data from stakeholders, participants, systems, and other sources 

  • A structured method that facilitates analysis and reflect on program successes and challenges 

  • Intended to inform decision-making related to process, outcomes, improvements, resource allocation, programmatic changes

Our Services:

  • Assist with developing goals and objectives

  • Needs assessments and needs statement narratives for grant applications

  • Outcome and performance metric development

  • Customized evaluation designs

  • Logic model development

  • Written evaluation narrative for grant applications

  • Development and implementation of online and scannable paper surveys, interviews, focus groups

  • Development of protocols for data collection 

  • Basic and/or advanced statistical data analysis

  • Data visualization 

  • Assist in grant progress reporting

  • Evaluation reports to funders, programs, and stakeholders​​

For more information on evaluation resources, including logic models, PDSA cycles, definitions of evaluation terms, and other similar resources, visit our Additional Resources page. ​​

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