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Data Collection and LCAP Support


What if your program does not need a comprehensive evaluation? EADC provides an array of à la carte services to our educational partners to support with developing and implementing surveys, focus groups and stakeholder interviews, and any other quantitative and qualitative data collection methods needed.

Quantitative data are data gathered that can be counted or summarized numerically. Quantitative data may come from surveys, student information systems, federal or state databases, and many other sources, and can be visualized using charts and graphs.

Qualitative data is often used by programs to “tell the story behind the numbers," or​ to provide context to quantitative data results. We can also utilize qualitative data to explore new or unknown concepts to identify what and how we may want to measure program impacts.  Qualitative data methods include focus groups, interviews, observations, journals, photo essays, and other more creative data collection methods.

Types of projects we support: 

  • Stakeholder feedback for District Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAPs)

  • Needs Assessments 

  • Data collection for program continuous improvement work

Our Services:

  • ​​Initial Consultation (no cost) - Identify objectives of data collection and determine the type and format of data collection

  • Design measurement tools

    • Create high-quality survey questions based on program objectives, following best practices and principles of survey design 

    • Develop qualitative data collection guides and protocols 

    • Translations of materials

  • Coordinate data collection

    • Survey distribution and administration

    • Interview/focus group facilitation (small groups of 6-8 people)

    • Conduct observations, create photo essays, etc.

    • Service/systems data (e.g., available services, resources, practices, protocols, etc.) to identify needs or gaps 

    • Student information systems data

  • Analysis & Interpretation (includes data cleaning, processing, transcribing and translating)

  • Disseminate findings by creating data visualizations, presentations, and reports

For more information on Data Collection and LCAP Support, visit our Additional Resources page.

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