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Development Process






The Office of Grants and Funding:

  • Determine the Type of Funding.  If the funding is a GRANT, this process is followed
  • Reviews the Request for Proposal (RFP) to determine Eligibility and fit with the Guiding Principles
  • Meets with Program Team to discuss program, staffing, and funding concept
  • Will work with other OCDE divisions to ensure there is not an internal competition for funding

  • Funding Opportunity Summary will be e-mailed to program leadership and OCDE Cabinet to start the pre-approval process
  • All levels of leadership will be informed of any "red flags" and allowed the opportunity to submit questions or concerns
  • If request is denied, the process ends here
  • NOTE:  Must allow a minimum of three weeks for the review, proposal development, approval, and submission process.




The Office of Grants and Funding:

  • Will provide the Special Projects Unit with a copy of the RFP and required budget forms for submission
  • Will work with Special Projects Unit and Program Team to Prepare a budget and budget narrative
  • Will provide OCDE Evaluators with  a copy of the RFP and requirements for consultation

If Heluna Health (formerly PHFE) will be the Fiscal Agent, the Office of Grants and Funding will complete the same steps with Heluna Health representative




The Office of Grants and Funding:

  • Will develop a proposal preparation timeline of required items
  • Will prepare required forms and gather OCDE documentation needed for proposal submission
  • Will develop the required program narrative and attachments for proposal
  • Will review draft of narrative and proposal items to ensure formatting requirements are met

NOTE:  Narrative will be proofread by Administrative Supervisor or designee a minimum of three days prior to submission







The Office of Grants and Funding:

 All OCDE designees must sign the Funding Snapshot to indicate their approval to submit the proposal

  • The signed Funding Snapshot and required forms will be forwarded to the Authorized Representative
  • The Authorized Representative will sign all required forms on behalf of OCDE to be included in the official proposal

NOTE:  Must allow a minimum of five days to complete the final approval process



The Office of Grants and Funding (or Heluna Health):

  • Will prepare and assemble all required documents for proposal submission
  • Will deliver or mail the final proposal to meet the required deadline

NOTE:  All electronic submissions or reports must be completed by the Office of Grants and Funding Or Heluna Health.





The Office of Grants and Funding:

  • Will be notified from the recipient of the award announcement
  • Will notify the Special Projects Unit to establish a funding account number
  • Will complete a contract request form (CRF), attach a copy of: the Implementation Form, signed Funding Snapshot, original approved budget, submitted proposals, and required forms for signature.

  • A completed CRF Packet will be routed for approvals and signature by the Authorized Representative
  • Funding Announcements will be sent out by the Office of Grants and Funding through monthly Funding Flash Reports to Cabinet
  • Special Projects Unit will provide an updated list of funded awards to the OCDE Board of Education (when necessary)
  • NOTE:  Board action is only necessary when specifically required by the funding source


 Contact Information:

Educational Services Division
Christine Olmstead, Ed.D. Associate Superintendent
(714)966-4396 or

Stacy Deeble-Reynolds
Director, Student Achievement and Wellness
(714)966-4305 or

Diane Ehrle
Continuous Improvement
(714)966-1083 or


Office of Grants and Funding​
Ozzie Perez
(714)966-4407 or

Lisa King
Program Manager
(714)327-1050 or

Authorized Heluna Health Contact
Patty Banuelos
Budget Manager
(714)966-4365 or