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Essential Mathematics

​​​​Features for Students

  • Students receive immediate feedback in relation to standards as they go through each diagnostic test at their own pace. 
  • Essential Mathematics is available to students at school or at home through internet access.

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​Welcome students, teachers, and parents. The Orange County Department of Education developed the Essential Mathematics Project in order to support grades three through algebra I students in improving their mathematics skills and preparing for
the California Standards Test (CST) and California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE).

Essential Mathematics offers students and teachers access to an effective technology-based tool that includes an on-demand standards-based assessment and worksheets for student review for each grade level.  The California mathematics content standards are also aligned to, or are foundational to, the CAHSEE mathematics standards.  This tool provides both formative and summative assessment for students and teachers.

Features for Educators
Educators will have the ability to diagnose which of the CAHSEE or CST standards their students may need to review.
Individual and class data may be reviewed by teachers to assist in diagnoses.  Teachers will also be able to diagnose the foundational standards to the CAHSEE, based on a backwards design, where students may show weakness, as well as other standards assessed on the CST for grades 3-7 and Algebra I.  Worksheets are provided to print out for student practice on specific standards.  Teachers have access to individual student records as well as overall class data.