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Going Green with Multifunction Devices

​Did you know that the average cost to print on an ink jet printer is 7 cents for a page in black and white and 17 cents and for a page in color? You might be amazed to know that we have 193 printers/copiers/multifunction devices at the Kalmus campus alone.

To increase print efficiency, OCDE is evaluating various devices located throughout the Kalmus campus. As an example, the newer multifunction devices that were recently installed cost less than 1 cent for a page in black and white and less than 7 cents for a page in color. These devices support workgroups and allow multiple computer users access to the printer. They are capable of printing, copying, and scanning with a multitude of features.

By gradually rolling out these devices, the number of small OCDE printers will be reduced. This will increase efficiency in productivity and reduce power usage.

The multifunction devices will also reduce both the cost and the amount of supplies used, and a reduction in supplies reduces the amount of discarded packing materials that are recycled or placed in landfills. For a large printing job, it is still most efficient for employees to make use of the OCDE Print Shop.

It is great to know that by switching our everyday routine to the use of newer printing technology, we are having a positive impact on our environment.

(October 2009)