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Green Tips

Your top 10 ideas that YOU can do to green our organization:

  1. Turn off the lights if you are the last person to leave a room
  2. Turn off computers, printers, and monitors at the end of the work day
  3. Remove personal refrigerators, space heaters, coffee mug warmers, and fans
  4. Use your own coffee mug and utensils
  5. Recycle, reduce, and reuse paper
  6. Schedule more video and teleconferences to avoid travel
  7. Send faxes and documents electronically instead of using the fax machine
  8. Turn off the TV in break rooms when not in use
  9. Provide electronic versions of promotional material and online registrations
  10. Provide information to workshop participants by email or web download

Your top 10 ideas that OCDE has implemented to green our organization:

  1. Provided eco-friendly products in break rooms and restrooms
  2. Contracted with new vendor to sort and recycle trash
  3. Posted signs in break rooms that OCDE is going green to inform our guests on campus
  4. Provided the employee newsletter online to reduce the amount of paper being used
  5. Changed light fixtures to more energy efficient bulbs
  6. Restructured timing of meeting room lights in building D to conserve energy
  7. Re-programmed thermostats to reduce energy costs
  8. Monitoring electrical use with SCE( Southern California Edison) to strategize ways to reduce our energy consumption
  9. Installing weather stripping on all entry doors to decrease energy loss
  10. New environmentally friendly latex balloons available in Facilities