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Hydrated and Healthy


The Orange County Department of Education has partnered with the Orange County Fire Authority, and many other local agencies, to launch the Hydrated & Healthy awareness campaign.

The goal is to educate the public about the importance of youth staying hydrated during physical activity, especially in warmer weather. Hydrating before, during, and after physical activity is the key to preventing heat-related illness. It is vital to recognize the warning signs of distress and act immediately to prevent serious injury, and even death.

Parents, coaches, athletes and others should develop a hydration plan that includes drinking fluids before, during, and after physical activity in all sports and in all seasons.

The Hydrated & Healthy website will post valuable resources in video and print with the most recent research regarding 'best practice.' We encourage you to download our videos for distribution at the local level to remind student athletes and children at play to stay hydrated.

                        Hydration Tips                          The Power of Hydration