Tier II Trainers In-Training Program


OCDE Project GLAD® Trainers In-Training (Tier II) are individuals who have been accepted into
the OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center Program.

The 3-Day Workshop and 5-Day Demonstration will assist Training Teams in building the foundational knowledge and skills related to presenting, coaching, facilitating and consulting required to successfully complete OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Agency Trainer (Tier III) certification.

Steps in Developing Trainers In-Training:

STEP 1:  Complete initial Tier I OCDE Project GLAD® NTC training with an active certified trainer
Practice OCDE Project GLAD® Strategies (6 months minimum)

STEP 2:  Complete and submit the OCDE Project GLAD® Tier II Application for Agency Trainers (Tier III) (2-4 Trainers In-Training)

STEP 3:   Attend the Tier II training with the National Training Center (NTC), including a 3-Day Workshop and a 5-Day Demonstration Training

STEP 4:  Submit training materials for feedback and evaluation by the NTC

STEP 5:  Complete and pass certification. This includes a Tier I 2-Day Research & Theory Workshop and Tier I 4-Day Classroom Demonstration

STEP 6:  Clear any requirements outlined in their individual certification letter in order to provide Tier I OCDE Project GLAD® Training (2-Day Research & Theory Workshops, 4-5 Day Demonstration Lessons, Follow-up and Awareness Presentations) as an OCDE Project GLAD® Agency Trainer (Tier III)


STEP 1:  Complete and submit the OCDE Project GLAD® Tier II Application for Agency Trainers (Tier III)

STEP 2:  Allow 4-6 weeks for application processing and notification of acceptance

STEP 3:  Upon acceptance, complete online registration

Online Management System (OMS) link & code will be sent to you once application has been approved.

Tier II Training In-Training Flyer, Orange County, CA

2019-2020 Training Dates
Trainings listed below will be in Orange County, California


COHORT A - PART 1: 3-Day Research & Theory Workshop

•     October 9 - 11, 2019

COHORT A - PART 2: 5-Day Demonstration

•     November 18 - 22, 2019

COHORT B - PART 1: 3-Day Research & Theory Workshop

•     February 5 - 7, 2020

COHORT B - PART 2: 5-Day Demonstration

•      March 23 - 27, 2020

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