Element 4: Tier III Agency Trainer Certification and Tier III & IV Recertification

For OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Certification, the following apply:

After completing the Tier II training, Tier II trainers must complete the requirements necessary prior to the Certification week. The Certification week consists of the Agency Trainer Team providing a Tier I Two-Day Research & Theory Workshop and a 4-Day Demonstration. An OCDE Project GLAD® Staff will attend to support and evaluate the team.

  • Upon successful review of the team video clips, select dates from the OCDE Project GLAD® NTC list of all available dates
  • Develop an OCDE Project GLAD® unit and Team Strategy Notes/Photos
  • Certification/Evaluation done by OCDE Project GLAD® National Training Center (NTC) staff on presentation of both the 2-Day Research & Theory Workshop and 4 Day Demonstration lesson
  • Clear any requirements outlined in their individual certification letter in order to provide Tier I Project GLAD® Training (2-Day Research & Theory Workshops, 4-6 Day Demonstration Lessons, Follow-up and Awareness Presentations) as an OCDE Project GLAD® Agency Trainer (Tier III).

Agency Trainers (Tier III) Description:

OCDE Project GLAD® Agency Trainers (Tier III) are certified trainers working solely in their district of employment.  Recertification is required within 12 months of certification and every three years thereafter to maintain “active status” and provide Tier I OCDE Project GLAD® Training in their agency.  All requirements outlined in individual certification and recertification letters must be cleared with the NTC to be authorized to provide training.  Agency Trainers must file a signed Agency Trainer Licensing Agreement​ with the NTC. Individuals working for an educational agency other than a school district must file an Authorization to Train Addendum with the NTC.

2019-2020 Recertification Dates 

To Register please download the Tier III Agency Trainer Recertification Application 2019-2020. You will receive the link and code to register once your application has been approved.

OCDE Project GLAD® Consultant (Tier IV) Description:

OCDE Project GLAD® NTC Consultants (Tier IV) are trainers working with the NTC or are working outside their district of employment through contracts they have personally entered into with districts and participants to provide OCDE Project GLAD® Tier I Training.  Consultants must attend Tier IV Recertification every two years to remain active.  All requirements outlined in individual recertification letters must be cleared with the OCDE Project GLAD®NTC to be authorized to provide training. Consultants must file a signed Licensing Agreement ​with the OCDE Project GLAD®NTC.  If consultants also are employed by a school district or other educational organization, they must file Agency Trainer Agreements and Authorization to Train Addendum. Recertification date extensions are not permitted. Please ensure that you remain up to date with your training status. Contact our office for any additional assistance 714-966-4150.

2019-2020 Recertification Dates 


  • New Mexico - July 17-19, 2019
  • Orange County, CA - September 4 - 6, 2019
  • Orange County, CA - January 15 - 17, 2020
  • Seattle, WA - April 15 - 17, 2020

To register please download the Tier IV Recertification Application 2019-2020. You will receive the link and code to register once your application has been approved.

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