The Regional Training Center (RTC)

​GLAD® Regional Training Center provides an organizational structure for an integrated, balanced, literacy approach. The integration, of listening, speaking, reading and writing into all content areas underscores research that language is acquired most effectively when the emphasis is on meaning and the message. Language, any language, should be acquired while studying something of interest or real life use. GLAD® RTC strategies and classroom implications foster a risk-free, cross-culturally sensitive environment within which students are able to acquire academic language and concepts.

Founded in cultural proficiency principles, the model supports lesson design for both integrated and designated English Language Development, utilizing language development standards to guide instruction to increase language proficiency, reclassification, access to grade level content and comprehension while building social skills.

Overview of the GLAD® professional learning:

• Element 1: RTC Leadership Ensemble
• Element 2: Foundations Training: 2-Day Research & Theory Workshop & 4- or 5-Day Classroom Demonstration
• Element 3: Training Of Trainers - Trainer Certification
• Element 4: Renewal Training: GLAD® Agency Trainer and GLAD® Field Consultant
• Element 5: Customized Training and Supports  

For additional resources, please go to OCDE Project GLAD® Website

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