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Types of Child Care

Licensed Care Overview

All child care centers and family child care homes must be licensed by the State of California Community Care Licensing Division.  Licensing is intended to assure minimal standards of health and safety protection for children.  Licensing, however does not guarantee the quality of a child care center or home.  The parent can be the best judge of whether child care services provided will meet a child's needs.

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Types of Licensed Care

Family Child Care Homes -- Care is provided in a small group setting in an individual's home.  Family child care provides a home-like atmosphere for a child and greater flexibility to match non-traditional schedules.  Family child care operators may not have educational requirements.

Center-Based Programs -- Care is provided in a child care center, nursery school, Head Start program, parent cooperative, and preschool.  Provides care for children  in groups of 12 or more.  These programs vary in the number of hours children are in care, the types of learning environments they offer, and the specific goals of the program.  Some centers may require their staff to have early care and education units to be employed.