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Casey's Pledge

On March 12, 2003, 20-year old Casey Goodwin was struck head on by an 18-year old drunk driver. She died the following day. Casey Goodwin dedicated her young life to prevention programs including those dealing directly with alcohol-related issues. Casey was actively involved in Exeter High School Friday Night Live (FNL) and the California Friday Night Live Partnership’s (CFNLP) California Youth Council (CYC). Moved by the loss of Casey, former classmates and CYC members wanted to take action by addressing drinking and driving and underage drinking. This was the catalyst for Casey’s Pledge, which encourages youth to live a healthy lifestyle by committing to staying alcohol free or never drinking and driving, and never getting into a car with a driver who has been drinking. Many Orange County FNL programs have taken this message to heart and have implemented activities in their schools and communities to promote safe and healthy spring break, prom, and summer vacations with Casey’s Pledge at signing rallies and events.
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