Federal Program Monitoring

District level personnel are responsible for communicating program requirements and developing systems to ensure the district/LEA is in compliance with statutes and court decisions governing the operation of state and federal programs. Remember: LEAs are required to ensure legal compliance with state and federal regulations at all times.
The California Department of Education (CDE) is required to monitor implementation of categorical programs in all school districts, also known as local educational agencies (LEAs). LEAs are responsible for maintaining programs which meet state and federal requirements.
The Federal Program Monitoring (FPM) Office coordinates FPM teams that monitor program requirements of federal and state categorical programs including Physical Education, and Educational Equity. Reviews are conducted through a combination of data and document review and on-site visits. Per CDE's website, "LEAs are assigned to one of four cycles: A, B, C, or D. Each year, CDE analyzes extensive data for all LEAs which receive categorical funds in two of the four cycles. LEAs may be selected for an on-site or online monitoring every two years. The Cycle Schedule by School Year demonstrates the distribution of the cycles for a four year period."
It is important to note that several factors impact selection for FPM in each cycle. These factors include: compliance history, academic achievement, program size, and fiscal analysis. Approximately 60 LEAs and sites are selected for on-site or online monitoring. Additionally, several LEAs are randomly selected for monitoring.

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