District Level Planning

The Local Education Agency (LEA) Plan is a district level plan required by Section 1112 of NCLB. The plan is to be developed in consultation with teachers, principals, administrators, and other appropriate school personnel, and with parents of Title 1 children. the plan must address five performance goals as established by the California State Board of Education that support the goals of NCLB. The plan should be annually reviewed and revised as needed to address the needs of student subgroups not making adequate progress toward meeting state standards, and to ensure attainment of other goals addressed in the plan.

Local Education Agency Plan

  • Goal 2
  • Goal 3
  • Goal 4 - Guidance
  • Goal 4 - Q & A
  • Goal 4 - Performance Indicators
  • Goal 4 - Performance Indicators for California Healthy Kids Survey

Last Reviewed: November 2013