Chief's Message


Dennis Roberson, Chief Special Education Services

The Orange County Department of Education Special Schools and Services Programs strive to provide the most effective methods of service delivery to the students enrolled in our programs.  We use a research based approach to determine the methods that seem most appropriate, given the nature of our student population, the goals the IEP teams have established for each student, and the ultimate goal we have for all of our students, which is to be as independent and successful as possible within the larger community. 

We encourage:

  • Ongoing data collection and data analysis 
  • Collaboration between parents, school staff, and support agencies
  • Assessment of student progress and program modification
  • ​Teaching of skills that are aligned with California State Standards

Our philosophy is based on the following beliefs: 

  •  All students have the ability, as well as the right, to learn and to progress
  •  Each student’s educational program shall be developed through the individualized education program (IEP) process utilizing a team to identify and implement functional goals and objectives
  •  Each student’s educational program shall focus on maximizing student independence
  •  Each student shall participate in instructional activities that are positive, age-appropriate, and safe in inclusive settings whenever possible


It is the goal of the OCDE Special Schools Program to provide the most meaningful education program designed to meet each student’s individual needs.