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Religious Expression in Public Schools: Student Discussion Guide


Religion in society:

  1. Name some ways that people’s religious beliefs help them learn in school and in life.

  2. What are some ways that religion has helped you or a friend or family member?

Video Application:

  1. In the video, what are some ways students can show their religious beliefs in school?

  2. When two people in school have different views on religion or a certain topic, how can they show care for each other and value each other’s different beliefs?


Read each of the following examples and decide if this is allowed in school based on the video you watched:

  1. Several students are reading their religious texts during lunch and talking about them.

  2. A student wears a t-shirt or jewelry with a religious message to class.

  3. During a lesson a student shares what their religion has taught them on a topic.

  4. On a homework assignment a student uses a religious book as a source for information and talks about their religious beliefs.