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A Pediatrician Talks about Youth Mental Health
(PDF of Webinar slides)

Presented by: Marc Lerner,
M.D., Medical Officer,
Orange County Dept. of Education September 11, 2013

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​​​​​5th Annual Safe Schools ​Conference:​

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​​Safe Schools and Student Mental Health Presentation​


As you may have heard, the 2014 - 2015 flu season is approaching! . There are a number of new vaccination products for influenza this year and the CDC continues to encourage people to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Doctors say that the flu vaccine can decrease your chances of getting sick almost tenfold, and the federal government recommends everyone 6 month and older get the vaccine (please check with your physician if you have questions about getting the vaccine). 


The Orange County Health Care Agency’s website offers suggestions on where to find the vaccine, and provides other information about the flu and how to prevent it.    You may visit their site at:


We've created  quick reference sheets that provide information on the flu, prevention, and vaccine availability, and information that schools may use to spread the message on how to prevent the flu at their sites.  


Student Success for Wellness

The research is clear;  healthy children are more likely to have positive outcomes in school.  Risky behaviors such as substance use, violence, and physical inactivity are consistently linked to academic failure.  Health issues can negatively affect students’ attention, attendance, grades, and test scores.

The Orange County Department of Education Center for Healthy Kids & Schools provides assistance to schools to address these important issues.  The Center's professionals address a range of health matters, including nutrition, physical education, the prevention of mental health problems, and emergency preparedness in schools.

The Center applauds its community partners, who have stepped up to make a strengthen our program and invest in our work on behalf of Orange County youth.  The support and shared commitment by the Mental Health Services Act -Prevention and Early Intervention, Hoag Hospital and the Children and Families Commission of Orange County have expanded health-related services in schools and enabled the Center to add a Medical Officer, Dr. Marc Lerner, to the Center staff.  The availability of a multidisciplinary managerial team with health and wellness expertise is paying dividends for district partners and the students of Orange County.  Dr. Lerner is a member of a proactive education community focused on student well-being as a critical feature that leads to academic success.