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Irvine Regional Park - Middle School

​Irvine Regional Park Field Trip - Middle School
​NGSS Standards Supported: MS-ESS3-3

Students explore local Irvine Regional Park and its' wilderness habitat, identify native plants and animals, and discuss human impacts in these areas. Students will design, and evaluate a solution for reducing the impacts of human activities on the environment and biodiversity by rotation through the following activity stations: 

​Water Flow Hike

Students will hike around various parts of Irvine Park and make observations in order to understand both how water flows through the park and how the flow of water might be increasing the human impact in the park and through Orange County.

Pollution Talk

​Students will discuss different types of pollution,  focusing on, noise pollution, light pollution, air pollution, and water pollution. 

Pollution Survey

Students will survey various areas of Irvine Park, identify different types of micro-trash, and collect data to dermine levels of micro-trash present and how that impacts the park.​​​

​Percolation Basin and Filter Creation

Students will focus on how to use problem-solving skills to reduce the impact that micro-trash has on the waterways at Irvine Regional Park. They will plan and design a model filtration system to remove three different-sized pollution particles. 

Location: Irvine Regional Park - Click here for a map to the site.  The address is on the map.
Time: Full day site 9:00 am - 2:30 pm  
Parking: $3.00 per vehicle
Accessibility: Wheelchair accessible

​Visit OC Parks website for Irvine Regional Park​.​​​ 

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