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Irvine Regional Park - 5th Grade

​​​​view of hills, pond and dock at Rancho Sonado Inside the Outdoors logo in right upper cornerWelcome to Inside the Outdoors at Irvine Regional Park!

​Fifth​ Gr​ade​

NGSS Standards Supported:5-ESS2-1

​How do earth's systems work together? Through experimentation, data collection, and data analysis led by an Inside the Outdoors Field or Program Naturalist, students will investigate and discuss how different spheres of the earth's system interact, creating the diversity in ecosystems we see all around us. ​​ Throughout the day, students will rotate through the following station activities:​

The Hydrosphere and Human Impact

Students will participate in hands-on activities in which they will learn about the distribution of
water on Earth, explore how the hydrosphere interacts with the geosphere, biosphere, and
atmosphere, and discuss human impacts on water and what can be done about it.


Students will explore the OC Zoo and learn about the animals in the zoo. Field Naturalists will
focus on what the animals eat and what might eat each animal.

Scat and Cycling Matter

Students will examine the scat from several different animals to figure out what these animals eat
and contribute to making a model of the cycling of matter in an ecosystem from matter that is not
food and matter that is food.

Sphere Interactions

During this station, the students will return to the base model of Irvine Regional Park. Students will review the knowledge they have gained at the various activities throughout the day.​​​


View the Resources pages for pre/post information. ​​

Site Details

Location: Program moved to Irvine Regional Park due to the Bond Fire from December 2020
Time: Full Day 9:00 am - 2:30 pm
Parking: Vehicle parking is limited
Accessibility: Very limited wheelchair accessibility

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