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Santiago Oaks - 2nd and 3rd Grade

Group of student in distance on trail with blue skys and green trail Inside the outdoors logo in top right cornerStudents will explore three different ecosystems and discover local plants and animals while  learning about geology and ecology along the way

NGSS Standards Supported:
2-LS2-2., 2-LS4-1., 2-ESS1-1., 2-ESS2-2., 3-LS4-3

Animal Station 

Students will learn about the life cycle of mammals, reptiles, and insects with live program animals. They will also find out which animal characteristics are inherited and/or learned from their parents. 

Exploration Hike 

Throughout the hike, students observe the landscapes of the park and look for fire and animal evidence.


Students will learn the parts of plants and the plant life cycle. Working in teams, they will visit various stations and learn about function and structure of specific plants.  

Fire Ecology

Students will explore the recent burn area and learn about the ecosystem adaptations for fire through hands-on learning.

Site Details

Location: Santiago Oaks Regional Park - Click here for a map to the site.  The address is on the map.
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am or 11:30 am - 1:30 pm - Lunch area is available on site.  
Parking: $3.00 per personal vehicle, this fee is waived for bus
Accessibility: Limited wheelchair accessibility
Visit OC Parks website for Santiago Oaks.
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