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Traveling Scientist- Kindergarten


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Each program is 45 minutes in length 

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​Traveling Scientist - Kindergarten​

Me In My World - Kindergarten

NGSS Standards Supported: ​​K-ESS3-1​
With the help of Inside the Outdoors animal ambassadors from different ecosystems, students will explore and identify different habitats and investigate how the characteristics of certain plants and animals allow those living things to survive in their habitats throughout the world.​

Amazing Animals - Patterns of Survival

NGSS Standards Supported:  ​​​K-LS1-1
Students will focus on the patterns of what mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates collectively need to survive. Students​ will have the opportunity to meet and touch several animal ambassadors.​


To better support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) the programs listed above are the best programs for  Kindergarten. Nurturing a Natural Curiosity Inside the Outdoors logo with tree, bird, stream 714-708-3885