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Traveling Scientist- High School


We work with your school schedule!

Each program is 60 minutes in length or one class session, depending on what works best with your schedule. 

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Amazing Animals

NGSS Standards Supported: Coming Soon
Experience a variety of live animals and learn about the unique characteristics and behaviors of mammals, reptiles, birds, and other species of the animal kingdom!   Amazing Animals focuses on grade-specific NGSS standards, and is adaptable for any grade.  This program is also available as a large group assembly.


NGSS Standards Supported: Coming Soon
Students become inventors as they explore nature’s solutions to problems and then, based on their observations, develop ideas for a new technology to solve current issues affecting humankind. During this interactive program, students have the opportunity to interact with live animals and be inspired by their adaptations.

Science of Cooking

NGSS Standards Supported: Coming Soon
Dive into the mad science of cooking! Chemistry comes to life as students play with their food to conduct hands-on experiments that reveal the important role of science in every meal we eat!

Scientists of the Sewers 

NGSS Standards Supported: Coming Soon
Your students will learn about the different roles scientists play in wastewater treatment through hands-on lab stations.  This Traveling Scientist program is a great introduction to the Field Trip your students can also receive to the Orange County Sanitation District.

Topics Covered:

  • Why have a sewer system?
  • What is in domestic wastewater?
  • How can waste be separated from water?
  • What should not go down the drain?
  • Path of water
  • Gutters and storm drains vs. toilets and drains in buildings
  • Review of why we have sewer systems and what is domestic wastewater
  • How can waste be separated from water?
  • How can you tell if the water is safe?

​Where's My Water?

NGSS Standards Supported: Coming Soon
Students will be introduced to the current topics about where we get our water and the issues surrounding local water resources. 

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