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Traveling Scientist- Third Grade


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Each program is 60 minutes in length. 

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Drip Drop​ - 3rd Grade

NGSS Standards Supported: NGSS 3-ESS2-1
Students will participate in hands-on activities and collaborate with their peers to find clues and uncover patterns to solve the mystery of water challenges​ in their community. Students will also compare and describe diverse weather and climate data from different regions in California and explore personal choices to protect our local water resources.​​​

Rethink Resources - 3rd Grade

NGSS Standards Supported: K-ESS3-3, 3-LS4-4, 5-ESS3-1, MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-4, HS-ESS3-4
​Is all of our trash really waste? Rethink Resources uses trash to explore the connection between humans and the natural world. Through hands-on activities that focus on the five R's: Refuse, Reuse, Rot, Repurpose, and Recycle, students will develop a deeper understanding of the importance of natural resources and how we can conserve them by producing less waste.​​​

Magnets are Magnificent​ - 3rd Grade

NGSS Standards Supported: 3-PS2-3. and 3-PS2-4.
Magnetism magic is demystified as students investigate permanent, temporary and electromagnets. Working in cooperative teams, students visit various hands-on lab stations and complete experiments to gain a better understanding of magnetic interactions.​


Amazing Animals - Similar​ But Different - 3rd Grade

NGSS Standards Supported:  ​​​3-LS4.C
 Students will get to meet animal ambassadors for a hands-on science lesson and learn how variation among species can be helpful in one habitat, but harmful in another. While learning about different groups of animals, students will observe patterns and construct explanations on how variation can provide advantages to help animals survive. ​

To better support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) the programs listed above are the best programs for 3rd Grade. Nurturing a Natural Curiosity Inside the Outdoors logo with tree, bird, stream 714-708-3885