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Traveling Scientist-First Grade

​​​​ 4 students and naturalist petting a frog with Inside the Outdoors logo in top right corner 

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​Each program is 60 minutes in length. 

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Catch the Rays - 1st Grade​

NGSS Standards Supported: 1-1-PS4-3. ​
What happens when different objects are placed in front of a beam of light? Through various hands-on activities, students experiment with different materials and a beam of light while also investigating how to change the size and shape of shadows.​​

Rethink Resources - 1st Grade

NGSS Standards Supported: ​
Is all of our trash really waste? Rethink Resources uses trash to explore the connection between humans and the natural world. Through hands-on activities that focus on the five R's: Reduce, Reuse, Rot, Repurpose, and Recycle, students will develop a deeper understanding of the importance of natural resources and how we can conserve them by producing less waste.​

Amazing Animals - Copy Cats - 1st Grade​

NGSS Standards Supported:  1-LS1.A ​
Students will get to meet animal ambassadors for a hands-on
science lesson. Students will learn the science of biomimicry and
help to solve a human problem of staying safe on a hike all while
studying 5 different groups of animals and how their external structures
help them to survive. ​


To better support the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) the programs listed above are the best programs for 1st Grade. Nurturing a Natural Curiosity Inside the Outdoors logo with tree, bird, stream 714-708-3885