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Virtual Programs

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 Student watching presentation of Zoom basket making program on a tablet

Inside the Outdoors is offering Virtual Field Trip and Traveling Scientist Programs for the 2022-2023 school year!  

Every live-stream program presentation is​ grade level specific, supports​​​​​ California content standards, has the look and feel of a traditional Inside the Outdoors program, and will:  

  • Serve as a virtual classroom takeover where the teacher benefits as a participant.
  • Match with your platform of choice (Zoom, Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams) for a comfortable online experience.
  • Bring science and history to life and inspire students with a combination of props, field explorations, lab demonstrations, or animal ambassadors and/or historic artifacts. 
  • Include Inside the Outdoors staff to facilitate and encourage student engagement with questions and activities, as well as work to minimize distracting interruptions due to technology glitches.
  • Extend the lessons through resources like pre- and post-activities and family engagement components.
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    Teacher showing students a frog​​​​
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    Virtual Traveling Scientist and Field Trip Programs

    Virtual Field Trip:
    We bring the outside indoors when Inside the Outdoors Program Naturalists take your students on a live-streamed science and nature exploration at a local park or wilderness area in one of the most bio-diverse areas of the world, Orange County.

     Virtual Traveling Scientist: Inside the Outdoors Traveling Scientists will engage students virtually in content focused, hands-on/minds-on science activities that can be experienced in a classroom or distance learning setting.
    Please refer to our sample T​eaching Schedule​ with some helpful guidelines to schedule each of your classes.

    Participation in our Virtual Program will require your school to provide a platform for video conferencing capabilities for your class (Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.).

    View the current program fees.​​  Some limited grants will be available.

    Registration​​ is now open!  Email questions to

    Nurturing a Natural Curiosity Inside the Outdoors logo with tree, bird, stream 714-708-3885