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Wild Wetlands - 2nd and 3rd Grade

View of Newport Bay including bluffs and cliff with Inside the Outdoors logo in right cornerCoastal bluffs, marshes, mudflats, and open water provide a wide diversity of habitats for your students to explore and learn about wetland ecosystems. 

NGSS Standards Supported:
3-LS2-1., 3-LS3-1., 3-LS4-3., 2-LS4-1.

Birding and Animal Evidence 

Students will use binoculars to observe birds and search for animal evidence, and discover why wetlands are important in the natural world. They witness the diversity of wetland inhabitants and learn to identify unseen animals by evidence left behind. 

Wetland Life 

With their team, students discover the life at the wetland and the homes they create in a fun and interactive scavenger hunt. Students obtain a greater understanding of where living things can and cannot survive. 

Food Chain Game 

Students become osprey, fish or worms and play a game to understand their roles in the food chain. They identify organisms in the wetland and discuss why animals at the top of the food chain experience greater impacts from pollution. 

Wetland Recipe 

Students focus on the living and non living components of the ecosystem. They create a model of a wetland to understand the integral pieces and learn how humans affect nature

Site Details:

Location: Muth Interpretive Center - Click here for a map to the site.  The address is on the map. 
Time: 9:00 - 11:00 am. or 11:30 am - 1:30 pm, Lunch area is available at Mariner's Park off Irvine Blvd. 
Parking:  No fee, space can be limited at times
Accessibility: partially wheelchair accessible
Visit OC Parks website for the Muth Interpretive Center. 
Nurturing a Natural Curiosity Inside the Outdoors logo with tree, bird, stream 714-708-3885