Implementation Plan

Teacher and student on computer

What steps will we take to implement our strategic plan?

  1. Each OCDE division is developing a divisional plan aligned with the vision, strategic priorities, and goals in the overarching OCDE plan. Divisions will select measures by which their goals will be tracked. For each OCDE goal and each divisional goal, action plans developed by the responsible parties will guide implementation, indicating the steps to be taken, the responsible parties, the costs, and the expected start and completion dates.
  2. A number of the goals require cross-divisional collaboration. As necessary, the County Superintendent will form task groups to work on crossdivisional plans tied to individual goals, such as those currently formed for LCAP implementation.
  3. Cabinet will provide additional engagement opportunities for managers/supervisors and staff to discuss and deeply understand the vision and goals embedded in the strategic plan, along with professional development that will empower leadership and staff to implement the plans.
  4. OCDE will conduct an annual review and revision of the strategic plan. Divisions will also review their plans annually and make revisions based on the data collected and analyzed.