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​​Multilingual Education in Orange County

In this video, Orange County Superintendent of Schools Dr. Al Mijares discusses the benefits of multilingual education and its correlation to college and career success.​
Video transcript

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Strategic Plan 2016-19

OCDE’s vision that Orange County students will lead the nation in college and career readiness and success is outlined, along with eight strategic priorities and key performance indicators.​

Orange County Public Schools Directory

View the online version, or contact Media Services for a printed version.​

​​​Tips to Help Children Cope with a National Tragedy

​Whenever a national tragedy occurs, whether it’s a hurricane or an act of terrorism, it’s important to remember that kids may be experiencing increased levels of stress or anxiety.

Professional Learning Opportunities

​OCDE supports student achievement through high-quality training opportunities for teachers, administrators and support staff.

State Standards for English and Math

​California’s standards for English and math were designed to reflect the knowledge and skills students will need to be successful in college and beyond. 

Charter Schools

​Educational options in Orange County include high quality charter schools that emphasize rigorous academic standards, innovative programs and responsible business practices.

Local Control and Accountability Plans

​As part of California’s new funding formula, school districts, county offices and charter schools are required to annually update Local Control and Accountability Pl​​ans, or LCAPs.

Public Notices

​The following public notices are posted for informational purposes for Orange County community members.​​


Calendar iconCalendar of Events

​Check out the latest events, workshops, trainings and activities coming up at OCDE.


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