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​​​​​​ ​​​Human Resources ​

The Human Resources Department recruits, hires, and cultivates a high-performing workforce for the Orange County Department of Education.  Human Resources works to make a difference in Orange County Schools by supporting the work of employees offering resources, services, and opportunities to parents, educators, students, and community members.  Human Resources offers the following proactive services:  orientati​on for new employees; maintenance of employee records; employee credentialing and compliance; classification review and analysis; benefits administration; professional development opportunities; and guidance relative to employee supervision and performance management.  Human Resources is also responsible for negotiating collective bargaining agreements between OCDE and two employee associations – Orange County Schools Educators Association (OCSEA) and California School Employees Association (CSEA). 
Gina Lance, Senior Executive Director 714.966.4333
​Kristen Burk, Director
​ ​ ​
Employment​ ​
Melissa Chartrand, Program Specialist​714.966.4083
Stephanie Thomas, Engagement Specialist​714.966.4141
Maria Solorzano-Portaro, Specialist​714.966.4037

Zainab Nuhaily, Specialist

Vacant, Specialist

Olivia Dayton, Technician




Employee Records​ ​ ​
Arlene Salazar, Supervisor​714.966.4398
Lorena Gonzalez, Specialist​714.966.4015
Alba Ibarra, Specialist​714.966.4068
​Olivia Dayton, Technician​714.966.4497
Sofia Budde, Technician
Benefits​ ​
​Kelli Nagano, Analyst ​714.966.4049
​ ​ ​
Classification & Compensation​ ​ ​
​Lorena Villa, Analyst​714.966.4023
​Accommodations & Special Projects
Lorena Villa, Analyst ​714.966.4023
​ ​ ​Employee Support & Response
Shardae Jackson, Employee Relations Specialist​714.966.4041
Shelley Durieux, Employee Relations Specialist​714.966.4123
​​​Professional Development & Employee Recognition
Melissa Chartrand, Program Specialist ​714.966.4083
​Certification/Recertification, Employer/College Relations, Data & Reporting
​Charissa Martinez, Analyst​714.966.4039
​ ​ ​Safety & Preparedness Programs
​Todd Martin, Manager​714.966.4210

Sharon Hernandez, Sr. Executive Assistant ​714.966.4158
​Debbie Hughes, Technician ​714.966.4028

​Jannet Osorio, Technician
Jacqueline Alderissi, Administrative Assistant  II

Michelle Lozano, Administrative Assistant II714.966.4000