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Certificated Management

Administrator Alter​native Education Special Education Services
Administrator Alternative Education Child Welfare & Attendance
Administrator Educational Services
Administrator Special Education
Associate Superintendent Educational Services
Assistant Principal Alternative Education
Assistant Principal Orange County Community Schools
Assistant Principal Special Education Services
Assistant Superintendent Alternative Education
Chief Academic Officer
Chief Special Education
Coordinator Alternative Education
Coordinator Alternative Education CTE
Coordinator Alternative Education Special Education Services
Coordinator Alternative Education Educational Services
Coordinator CTE Curriculum and Instruction
Coordinator Foster Youth Services
Coordinator Educational Services
Coordinator Regional Mental Health Services
Coordinator School Health Programs
Coordinator Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA)
Coordinator Special Education​
Curriculum Specialist Career Education
Curriculum Specialist Educational Services
Director Alternative Education
Director Educational Services
Director SELPA
Director Special Education Services
Executive Director Educational Services
Manager Alternative Education Multilingual Student Support Services
Manager Educational Services
Manager Institute for Leadership Development
Manager Mental Health Services Alternative Education
Manager Special Education
Manager Student Services Alternative Education
Principal Alternative Education
Principal Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program
Principal Orange County Community Schools
Principal Special Education Services
Program Administrator Alternative Education
Program Administrator Special Education
Program Specialist Alternative Education
Program Specialist Alternative Education, Academic Intervention
Program Specialist Alternative Education, Attendance & Behavior Intervention
Program Specialist Alternative Education, Economic Impact Aid
Program Specialist Alternative Education, English Learner Services
Program Specialist Alternative Education, Student Services
Program Specialist Assistive Technology & Augmentative and Alternative Communication
Program Specialist Autism
Program Specialist Educational Services 
Program Specialist Foster Youth Services Program
Program Specialist Special Education
Project Liaison CTE School Programs