OCDE Crystal Bell Award Program



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Do you know a co-worker, or a colleague in another division, who consistently exemplifies OCDE’s mission and values and provides exceptional service and support?  If so, be sure to nominate him or her for a Crystal Bell!  Nomination forms are available here, and a sample completed nomination is here.
Nominations will be collected in each division during November and December, and then will be forwarded to a Department-wide committee for review and final selection.  The 2013 Crystal Bell honorees will be announced in March and April.

Employees from any non-administrative certificated or classified position may be nominated; divisions may forward as many nominations as desired for consideration by the Department-wide committee.  The information appearing on each nomination form is more important than ever.  Be sure your nominations are complete and address the specific award criteria. 

Submit nominations no later than December 15 to one of the Crystal Bell division representatives:
ACCESS – Rick Martin                                                    
Special Education Services –Chris Romanosky                    
Executive/Legal/ROP – Penny Dunseth                                
Instructional Services – Peggy Tunstall                   
School & Community Services – Blanca Zimmerman                       
Business Services – Reata House or Rosalee Hormuth                                             
Administraive Services – Kelli Nagano                                   
Information Technology – Mona Banks