District Payroll/Retirement Resource and Training Services

District Payroll/Retirement Resource and Training unit provides advisory services, workshops, procedures and documentation for school districts, community college district, ROPs and charter district employers on compliance and regulatory information related to payroll management. 

Resource Services -This unit also serves as a resource to the County's districts in matters of payroll and retirement compliance, tax filing and reporting and changes in regulations affecting payroll.  This unit must remain current with any pending and current legislation affecting school business in the following areas:

Training Services - The primary role of the training unit is to provide direct support to our clients in the day to day use of the centralized payroll system.  Scheduled user group meetings are held to discuss important issues related to the systems.  This support includes: 

  • Ongoing user training
  • System design
  • System testing
  • System integration
  • System implementation


Business Application Helpdesk provides technical support to users of the County's Business Applications.  By providing a dedicated helpdesk to troubleshoot and log any software issues and provide technical/advisory support allows for quality assurance of our business application products. 

This unit serves as liaison between the districts served and our Information Technology Division to relay any upcoming technology enhancements, issues, improvements, and district specific request related to our business applications. 
Business Application Helpdesk supports the following applications:
  • Payroll System
  • Time and Attendance
  • Employee Information System
  • Enterprise Report Management
  • Crystal Reports
  • WebNetwork