Support Services Staff Directory


School District Payroll/Retirement Services

Director Sondra Dougherty, CPP​​
​ ​ ​ ​
Payroll and Retirement Coordinator Payroll Systems Veena Chaudhri, CPP​
 Business Application Helpdesk Support Services Specialist Rosie Aguilar, CPP
Payroll Services Payroll Compliance Manager Teri Adkins, CPP​
Payroll Services Specialist​ ​Shari Dorian
Senior Payroll Technician​ Norma Guerra
​Senior Payroll Technician ​Nicole Riley
Senior Payroll Technician​ ​Anne Wrye
Retirement Services​ Retirement Specialist Laura Hadley
Senior Retirement Technician​ ​Karen Chen
Senior Retirement Technician​ Joanne Del Grosso
Senior Retirement Technician​ Cheryl Dollison
Senior Retirement Technician​ Lorena Gonzalez
Senior Retirement Technician​ Robin Phillips
Senior Retirement Technician​ Tom Tomlinson
CalSTRS Counseling Center​ Administrative Assistant II​ ​Mary Riegel
Administrative Assistant II Dee Zelinski
Counselor​ ​Duane Dishno
Counselor​ ​Dwain Leach
Counselor​ Michael Lynch​
Counselor​ ​Gail Rothman
Counselor​ ​Al Spencer
Credentialing and Fingerprinting Services Support Services Manager Susana Fernandez
Credentials Technician​ ​Vel De Laura
Credentials Technician​ ​Maria Pelayo
​Credentials Technician ​Corina Ramos
Unemployment Insurance Claims​ Management ​Unemployment Claims Specialist Deborah Auriemma
Certified Payroll Profession (CPP) is a certification credential that demonstrate expertise, level of knowledge and experience , skills and abilities in the payroll profession.​ ​ ​