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Student Testimonials

“AVID boosted my confidence in being college ready and college eligible.
Being with like minded students, I'm nurtured and encouraged to persevere
and to become the best version of myself. ​AVID is family and home.”​
-Jacqueline Lopez, Class of '20

“AVID opens the door to college. AVID prepared me not o​nly for college, but for my future. As a first generation student who didn't know where that door was, it changed my life and my future.”​
Emmanuel ​Torres, Class of '20
“I would not be where I am now if it was not for AVID.
I would not be who I am today without AVID. AVID isn't
 just an elective; it's the key we students need to succeed.”
-Zaira Aguilera, Class of '20

“AVID has nothing but benefits. It gave me a family within school, taught me the meaning of teamwork and cooperation, but most importantly, AVID taught me  perseverance and how to succeed.”
-Kailan Kidder, Class of 19
“Even in my darkest mom​ents I always heard a whisper
telling me to not give in just yet, that whisper was AVID.”
-Jessie Duran, Class of 18​


“AVID became the catalyst that pushed me to become the greatest version of  myself.”  
-Marque ​Penamora, Class of '18
“ It has given me the strength needed to voice my opinion in spite of my insecurities.” 
Genesis Delgado, Class of '18